Travel & Hospitality

VIBATEL is a highly competitive Business Process Outsourcing provider with local and global scale. We have solutions for the travel & hospitality industry order-to-cash cycle, ranging from front end lead generation to post charge off collections efforts. Vibatel can help—with advanced technology, sophisticated research, and best practice methodologies that allows our Travel and Hospitality Practice to help the Travel industry evolve to meet the tide of rising customer expectations while employing technology to solve some of the industry’s most complex operational challenges. Many of the world’s leading airlines, hotel providers and travel agencies rely on Vibatel’s expertise to bring innovative products to life.

The hospitality industry is a very competitive high investment sector, which focuses on perfection in execution and productive usage of space. Vibatel understands the need to balance these 2 critical elements while integrating Hotel Companies, Business Centers, Airlines, Cruise Lines, Online Travel Agencies, Travel Management Companies, Travel Software Companies, Restaurants, Health Club/ Spas, etc. into one structure. Vibatel has worked extensively in the hospitality and travel sector, delivering high-end luxury projects and restorations with a focus on quality and time to market. With all of our services, we strive to work in ever more professional way, helping our customers grow and innovate by bringing a unique combination of engineering processes and tools together with the skilled technical talent. Our services are based on the core technology pillars of Cloud computing, Social computing, Mobility and Analytics and aim to help travel companies increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and manage risk.

In today’s highly competitive environment, your greatest asset is your customers. Differentiate yourself by consistently delivering a great customer experience. Let Vibatel help you hear, understand and effectively act on the voice of your customers. Contact us to learn why travel and hospitality industry leaders work with Vibatel to measure and improve the customer experience. We have a broad range of services and solutions – including catalog, magazine, directory, book, video and photography – geared to the special interests and needs of the travel and hospitality industry. Greater results and cost efficiency are also achieved by clients who gain operational efficiency through Vibatel’s adaptable business processes and information security. Our group is driven by client satisfaction and retention. Accordingly, our focus is consistently guided by the continual addition and improvement of the services we offer to help make your business better.

With continuing trends in mobility, digitization, and instant access everywhere, the travel, and hospitality industry needs a partner who can integrate IT with business results seamlessly. Vibatel brings together deep industry knowledge with broad understanding of how to implement technology effectively. Let us work together to reach your destination faster.