VIBATEL invites you to go beyond retail with us and reach the nonstop customer through a series of experiences focussed. We provide wide spectrum of application services in Retail industry around process improvement, acquisition & retention of customers, reliable supply chain systems which always focus on profitable growth & long term business success. We provide a wide range of services that has helped some of the largest retailers streamline and optimize their applications and business process.

And because selling great products is simply not enough, we also help companies build great customer relationships. Our consumer products teams understand how to successfully adapt your company to meet the requirements of this rapidly changing industry. We build a team of experienced specialists from each of our three consulting areas who work together with you to deliver a solution that meets your need, be it strategic change, performance improvement or technology solutions.

Why you need our services for Retail Industry

Vibatel provides cost effective and robust services to Retail Industry Clients. In Retail Industry we have many satisfied customers who have already taken advantages of our services at reasonable cost which has helped them to increase their business and revenue, the services which we provide is Image Editing Services, Catalogue Management Services, Revenue Management Solution, Service and Sales Center of Excellence, Fraud Management Services, Supply Chain Solution, Catalogue Data Entry Services, Back Office Support Services, Live Chat Support Services, Customer-Centric Solutions and Social Media Integration.

Solutions from Vibatel equips the Dynamic Retailer with technology and features that you can use to drive your retail vision across channels, locally or globally. Bringing together POS, Omni-channel management, store operations, merchandising, supply chain, and more in an end- to-end solution delivers full visibility across your entire business operation while empowering your users.We offer proven experience with big data analytics to help businesses improving sales funnel efficiency, improve competitive intelligence, and lower inventory costs – leading to increased revenue. Our team can help architect and implement a customized IT roadmap aligned with your company’s unique business goals.

Serving the retail industry, Vibatel offer expertise in Retail, Supply Chain Management, Retail B2B and Business Intelligence Reporting for measurable performance increase in merchandising, supply chain, sales, customer-driven analytics, store, and product mix. We also undertake managed services, development and product customization. Based on your needs, we provide many customized solutions including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), mobile Point of Sale (POS), data analytics, integrated multi-channel retailing, database management, data warehousing, Business Intelligence (BI), CRM applications, SCM applications, Leadership and Talent Management, and Merchandising Solutions. Our integrated service offerings enable retailers to achieve high performance, optimize logistics costs, improve overall efficiency, forecast market trends, outperform competition, synchronize inventory and sales, enhance customer experience and satisfaction, improve customer intimacy, and meet strategic business targets. Together, we can transform your business.