VIBATEL has developed unique industry-specific perspectives across Healthcare Industries. Our Healthcare practice works closely with governments, funding agencies, payers, providers and private investors, on engagements in every sector of the industry. We have helped implement major health reforms, public health policy initiatives, as well as strategies and solutions for various clients maximizing performance and efficiency, scaling of business, rapidly evolving technology and globalisation of healthcare delivery quality and standards.

How can we help

With deep industry experience, insight and technical support, Vibatel firms are among the leaders in delivering a broad range of consulting, tax and advisory services to meet the unique needs of healthcare policy-makers, providers, vendors and payers. We are committed to assist and empower clients in the healthcare sector to navigate these challenges, fix the optimal mix of strategy and capital, and define new bottom lines in the global healthcare industry. Our dedicated team of specialists brings a diverse range of client engagement and analytical skills in healthcare strategy, technical feasibilities, operations improvement, healthcare deals and technology experience.

We help you differentiate yourself by remaining highly-responsive to the industry shifts. Our proven global capabilities are exemplified by the huge number of transactions we manage for the healthcare industry annually. We also support a variety of healthcare providers including pharmaceutical companies, health insurance providers, rehabilitation and recovery facilities, hospitals, medical manufacturing and technology, and retail pharmacies. We have been recognized as a ‘leader in healthcare industry’. Our continuous networking with customers and competitors creates complete visibility and helps our clients make confident business decisions.

VIBATEL provides services in the following areas:

  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Adapting to Changing Government Policies
  • Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction
  • Digital Solutions for Healthcare
  • Clinical Operations
  • Market Insight and Feasibility Analysis
  • Transaction Services and Partnership Assistance
  • Turn Around Strategy Assistance
  • Implementation Assistance

Vibatel partners with healthcare organizations to enable specific execution-oriented results for the business itself and for IT leaders within these organizations. We combine innovative business solutions with advanced technologies to help healthcare organizations maximize value from their investments. Vibatel focuses on ensuring that our services and solutions align with the business goals and operational excellence goals of our healthcare clients.